Advantex by Orenco Systems

Advantex systems are the top of the line septic systems, and JD Rainwater is an Orenco Certified Advantex Installer and has installed over 60 Advantex systems.
Some of the benefits of Orenco’s Advantex system are:

  • Space saving. They require half as much drain field land than a standard septic system.
  • Self-monitoring. Advantex systems take the guesswork out of septic systems. The system sends regular diagnostic emails with information about performance and capacity.
  • Low maintenance costs. Although the up-front installation cost is higher than standard systems, less involved and infrequent maintenance requirements mean that, over time, Advantex systems have a lower lifetime cost of ownership.
  • Environmentally friendly. These systems require less electricity than standard systems—as little as $2 a month. Traditional systems use up to 20 times more energy.

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