Septic System Inspection & Maintenance

All septic system owners should have their tanks inspected at least every five years. Without proper inspection and maintenance, septic systems can back up into your plumbing system, leak raw sewage, and cause environmental damage. With every inspection, JD Rainwater will check the following components, and recommend any further steps that may be needed:

  • Locate tank and distribution boxes
  • Locate leach lines
  • Inspect tank for size and material of manufacture
  • Pump, if required – JD Rainwater recommends pumping your tank every 8 to 10 years
  • Troubleshoot problems if system is failing

We’re also happy to serve as your “second opinion.” Many less reputable septic service companies will recommend installing a whole new system, when in fact, you may just need a repair made. Before taking this costly step, let the experts at JD Rainwater provide an inspection.